Georgia O'Keeffe | Carolina Snaps

One of the most famous modern artists created some of her pivotal work in the heart of South Carolina. Born in 1887, Georgia O’Keeffe was born into a family incredibly supportive of her artistic endeavors. Early in her adolescence, O’Keeffe would paint with her grandmothers and two sisters, and was supported financially by her family to pursue an art education.  

During her early career, she taught at Columbia College in Columbia, South Carolina. During her time teaching at Columbia College, she started to use charcoal and her work was categorized as “pure abstraction.” 

And because of her connection to Charleston native and women’s rights activist Anita Pollitzer, O’Keeffe’s work was soon recognized by photographer and art promoter Alfred Stieglitz.  O’Keeffe had sent paintings and drawings to Pollitzer who showed them to Stieglitz. Stieglitz soon put her work on display at a gallery in New York City, 291.  Soon after, Stieglitz coordinated her first solo gallery exhibition in 1917.

This skyrocketed her career, now making her one of the most famous and treasured modern artists known to date. 

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