Christmas at Presbyterian College: In That Unlikely Place (2005) | ETV Classics: Holiday Edition

Founded in 1880 by Pastor William Plumer Jacobs, Presbyterian College has a storied history as one of the oldest still-operating private universities in South Carolina. During their years of academia, they have never left behind the spirituality of its founding. This is well on display in Christmas at Presbyterian College: In That Unlikely Place, produced in December 2005 in celebration of their 125th anniversary. 

The special was chiefly directed and coordinated by J. Porter Stokes and Miriam Ragland. The several campus choirs of Presbyterian College are accompanied by illustrative and interpretive dancers, all in reverent holiday gear, as they perform religious carols and recount the story of the Nativity. At nearly an hour long, it is an excellent piece for viewers looking for Christian spirituality in their holiday viewing.

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