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TeacherStep.com is a national resource for teachers, provided by South Carolina Educational Communications and Converse University. Enroll in self-paced courses developed by Ph.D. experts specifically for teachers. 

TeacherStep.com offers:

•  Valuable, accredited, graduate-level courses, in partnership with South Carolina Educational Communications and Converse University. 

•  Classes developed by Ph.D. experts in their fields specifically with teachers in mind. 

•  Credits that may be applied toward professional development, licensure renewal, or career and salary advancement.

TeacherStep.com courses are created for your specific subject matter, whether it be algebra, calculus, or Common Core State Standards. All of our courses contain crucial material for each specific course and provide the information and knowledge needed to be an effective teacher to your students. 

Are you making the most of your continuing education? Know what your courses are saying about you, and view our course catalog to make sure you’re taking the right ones.