Spring & summer R2S courses

photo of a girl reading a book

ETV LEARN is now enrolling for our R2S Instructional Practices course slated to begin Monday, March 14! Other courses are planned for the spring and summer. 

R2S Instructional Practices course 

RDLA267: Teaching Phonics and Spelling for Beginning and Transitional Readers, Second Edition

Planned start dates:

  • March 14 - May 1, 2022 (includes extra week per Spring Break)
    (Update: Enrollment for this session is now closed.)
  • July 11 - August 21, 2022 (Update: The session formerly planned to begin in May has been changed to start in July as shown now. Enrollment will be announced by June.)

R2S Content Area Reading & Writing course

RDLA272: Vocabulary as a Foundation for Learning

Planned start dates:
* Enrollment will be announced about 3 weeks prior to the start date.

  • April 18 - May 29, 2022 (Update: Enrollment for this session is now closed.)
  • May 2 - June 12, 2022 (Update 4/13/22: The session formerly planned to begin in July has been changed to start in May. It is now enrolling.)  

R2S Course features:

  • Active facilitator guidance & feedback    
  • Engaging peer discussions
  • Flexible, 6-weeks, reflective learning
  • Authentic tasks + tech tools

Credit information:

  • Each course is R2S-approved and will earn 60 Renewal Credits.
  • We are pursuing 3 Graduate Credits for each course, however those credits are not guaranteed at this time. If we are able to secure them, they will require an additional fee.
    If you’re interested in Graduate Credit, we recommend you wait to take a course in the summer/fall. Email moodleadmin@scetv.org to be added to our ‘Graduate Credit List’ and we will email you directly with updates.  

Enrollment information:

  • Each course will cost $265.
  • Enrollment is handled online. Payment with a debit/credit card (no American Express) is preferred, however check payments are also accepted. * Enrollments made via check payment are not confirmed until the check clears. 

Participation information:

  • The courses are not self-paced. Content is delivered on a weekly basis – no moving ahead or back, however your time within the week is flexible. There are no set login times or such. 
  • Each course will last 6 weeks. You can expect about 8-10 hours of coursework each week depending on your comfort level with the content and working online. 
  • Discussion board participation is required at least 3 times per week (generally at least once in the first few days of the week, once around the middle of the week, and once towards the end of the week).
  • Most assignments will be due at the end of the week, however it’s possible one or two might be due mid-week or such.

Important:  These R2S courses are the same courses we offered under our TeacherLine Southeast program. If an educator took the course under TeacherLine and received credit for it, they cannot re-take the course now and receive credit.

Questions/concerns? Email moodleadmin@scetv.org or call 1-888-761-8132.