Pendleton | Our Town

The Town of Pendleton was formed in 1790 on the land that was part of the Cherokee nation. In the early 1800, wealthy plantation owners in the low country built houses in Pendleton as their summer vacation homes. The entire Pendleton Historic District, including the town and its immediate vicinities, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970.

In this Our Town episode, the President of Pendleton Historic Foundation Powell Hickman introduced the history of Pendleton and the role that the foundation has played in preserving and protecting historic houses. Pendleton Mayor Frank Crenshaw presented various aspects of the town development, including the downtown businesses, the festivals, and the community organizations. The owner of the town’s popular Village Bakery and Café Abdul Karkour shared with us a successful immigrant story. Photographer Lisa Richardson showed her artwork at the Art Gallery on Pendleton Square, a co-op art gallery owned and operated by 25 local artists. The Executive Director of Bart Garrison Agricultural Museum Les McCall explained the educational mission of the museum and how it could attract students’ attention. Pendleton’s first black Council Woman Sandra Gantt expressed her feelings about her hometown which has become increasingly inclusive over the decades.

Renowned historian Walter Edgar once called Pendleton a hidden jewel of South Carolina. With new economic opportunities and great educational advantages, this historic town is thriving with renewed energy and has become a destination for both businesses and pleasure.