New Simple.Digital resources available

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Right in time for summer break, ETV Education has released three new resources to help parents and students better navigate the digital world!

Educators, please share these resources with the parents of your learners, and keep an eye out for more releases this summer.

  • Accessibility Windows 10 This Simple.Digital Guide will walk you through all the built-in accessibility features in Windows 10. Navigate your Windows PC or laptop easier with these simple tools. This guide only covers accessibility options in Windows 10, but we will be releasing guides for iOS, Android, Chromebook, and Mac Operating Systems.  
  • What Apps Do Teens Use? Curious about the content students might be engaging with? Thanks to survey answers from teens across the state as well as independent research, we’ve put together a simple guide on the top 9 apps and sites that teenagers use. This guide contains a simple breakdown of each site or app including recommended age and key features.  
  • Keeping Your Child Safe Online We are living in a progressively online society, where the internet impacts almost every part of our daily lives. It’s important to teach your child about the internet, how to use it, and especially, how to stay safe online. Use this guide for some helpful insights on teaching your children the basics of using the internet in a safe and healthy way.

These and the previously-released guides below are available on our digital resource site.

Other Simple.Digital guides available:

  • Cords & Inputs
  • How To Compress a Video
  • File Types Guide
  • How To Create a Strong Password