The Haunting of Poinsett Bridge | South of Spooky

There are unexplained sightings at Poinsett Bridge in Landrum, thought to be the oldest bridge in South Carolina. Mysterious forces at this fourteen-foot, Gothic style bridge are reported to keep cars from starting and, and stories of bizarre screams and lights abound. Join hosts Gavin Jackson and AT Shire as they investigate the complicated history of the Poinsett Bridge and try to find the source of these legends.

South of Spooky is a lighthearted exploration of history and culture through the lens of local legends and their impact on communities across South Carolina and our region, such as the Gray Man of Pawleys Island, the unexplained hauntings at the historic Poinsette Bridge in Landrum, and more.

Join hosts A.T. Shire and Gavin Jackson as they visit these sites and speak with historians, authors, paranormal experts, and local citizens to see how these stories reflect our culture, ways of life, and personal histories.