Edgefield | Our Town

“We’re a little small in numbers, but have the largest welcome mat,” says Edgefield’s Town Clerk and Treasurer Charlotte Cheatham.  Edgefield can easily be seen as one of South Carolina’s most unique and historic towns.  From its rich political history of being home to ten South Carolina governors, to its mom-and-pop specialty shops in town square, Edgefield has a unique story to tell.

Edgefield was settled in the 1750s by settlers coming up from the Lowcountry and northern colonists coming down the “Great Wagon Road.” The vast number of diverse settlers in Edgefield caused some friction in the small town.  “We had so many people coming and settling here,” says Director of Tompkins Library, Tonya Guy, “It made it a hotbed for political disputes.”  Regardless, Edgefield remains a gateway to southern history. 

Carolina Moon Distillery is a small batch distillery in Edgefield that’s been operating for over six years. Its Vice President David Long thinks his spirits blend right in with Edgefield’s past.  “Edgefield at one time was known as a rough and tumble place,” he says, “Moonshining and spirits, whether people want to admit it or not, is kind of part of our texture.” 

Edgefield may have had a rough start, but what blossomed is something special. Now, there’s a more relaxed lifestyle that people like Jake Jacobsen, a local blacksmith, truly enjoy and are happy to call home.  

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