Cowpens | Our Town

Founded in 1876 and incorporated in 1880, the Town of Cowpens was named after the nearby Cowpens National Battlefield.

On January 17, during the American Revolutionary War, American Patriot forces commanded by Brigadier General Daniel Morgan fought a battle with British troops at Cowpens. At the time Cowpens was simply an area named on the account of pens for cattle in the region. The Cowpens' victory for the Americans marked an important turning point of the Revolutionary War, and the battle site has been preserved as a national park.

In this Our Town story, Cowpens Mayor Michael Hamrick introduced Cowpens and its history, especially the town’s strong tie with the famous Battle of Cowpens, as well as the downtown development project. Chief of Visitor Services Virginia Fowler presented the Cowpens National Battlefield and shared with us a military strategy used by General Morgan in the Battle of Cowpens. Kris Chadwick, Chairman of Cowpens Historical Committee showed us the Cowpens Museum, converted from Cowpens old depot, and explained how the US government named two US Navy ships USS Cowpens. Lisa Owens, owner of Blue Bill Antiques, Interiors and Gifts introduced her unique store and expressed her gratitude to the friendly and close-knit community.

The biggest and the most important event of Cowpens is its annual Mighty Moo Festival. Everyone is involved in this 3-4 day festival to honor the men and women who had served or are still serving on both USS Cowpens.

Special thanks to Travis Millwood for providing part of the drone footage.