Cheraw | Our Town

Cheraw is a quaint town that lies on the banks of the Great Pee Dee River. It’s a town known for its history and hospitality, that’s home to generations of local “Cheravians.”

Victoria Lowery, a resident of Cheraw, recalls her childhood saying, “When I think about growing up here, I think of family and close-knit friends.” Victoria talks about how close the community was, growing up, and how they’ve stayed in touch over the years - “the friends that I had in primary school were my same friends in high school and we’re still friends to this day.”  

Victoria’s husband, Victor “Magik” Lowery, says people may have some misconceptions about Cheraw. 

“There’s different activities here for us to do, a lot of people think, just because it’s a small town, there’s not a lot.” He agrees with Victoria about how close the neighborhood is. Magik says athletics is one of the ways the town gets together, stating, “If you come out on a Friday night, there’s no doubt the stands are packed at the football games.”   

Wannamaker Drug Pharmacy is one of the many local mom-and-pop stores in the town. The self-proclaimed “Good Neighbor Pharmacy” started serving its customers in 1898, making it one of the oldest businesses in Cheraw.  Chris Bridges, pharmacist and owner, is passionate about serving his customers, saying, “That’s why I’m here, sure it’s a business, but first and foremost, if they can come to me and feel confident, then they’re going to want to come back and that’s good for all of us.” This is a pharmacy rooted in tradition and customer service.

On the outskirts of the town, there’s the Cheraw Fish Hatchery, a state-owned facility that raises fish to stock public bodies of water throughout South Carolina.  

Jacob Beam, a Natural Resources technician, helps maintain the thirty-one production ponds on site. Every September, the hatchery hosts a “Kids Fishing Day” event where locals fish together at the hatchery. Beam says the event, “primarily is to attract newer anglers to fishing, and so it’s great for the community because kids come out with their parents and families to enjoy a morning of fishing.” Cheraw is a small community that sticks together in a big way.