A Stroll Through Fountain Park

Fountain Park photo

Fountain Park is located in downtown Rock Hill with The park opened in December 2014. The park was created by Comporium and the City of Rock Hill. At Fountain Park, there is green space and a small performance venue. These features haven’t been used much lately, due to the current state of the pandemic but, fortunately, visitors are still able to use on-street parking and enjoy the view from their cars.

Coming to Fountain Park is a great way to remain socially distant during COVID-19. People who have been trying to avoid going to public settings but want to find a place where they can social distance and not have to worry about contracting the virus, this is the perfect spot. Visitors are able to park outdoors and enjoy the fresh air.

Toni Cooper, a resident of Rock Hill, loves visiting Fountain Park to get out and enjoy the outdoors. She says, “Since it’s an open place with a lot of space, I come here a little more often to pass time. Since the pandemic started, I visit the park maybe once a week. I believe COVID has affected my outdoor time because I spend most of my time at home when I’m not working or going to school.”