Slices of Life

An inspirational story of an ordinary couple with extraordinary experiences, reflections and insights.

Upstate Residents Dodi and Alton Spurgeon retired from one of the world’s leading manufacturers two decades ago. In Slices of Life, the couple share with us their memories of growing up in the Jim Crow South, and their determination in getting themselves educated and achieving high in their careers. They also share their experiences of traveling the world, especially living in Nigeria and China. Dodi and Alton enjoy a rich and colorful retired life. They started an organic farm twenty years ago, one of the very few in the Greenville area then. They work nonstop, gardening, canning vegetables, making soaps and other crafts… They enjoy outdoor life such as taking walks and fishing. Dodi writes poems and has published an autobiographic book entitled Sounds of Hope.  Strong in their faith, the couple truly live their beliefs, which are to show more love and respect for people and do what they can to make our world a better place for all.