Promote communication and tech skills for all ages!

High school girl using laptop

When I was in grade school, the internet was not even a thing, yet. Now, anywhere you go everybody is connected either via their phone, watch, or pad-like device.

No online time is wasted as we scour the internet highway to voyeur through social media, sales, and whatever else suits our fancy, as we wait in line at the grocery store or for soccer practice to be over. All that instant communication is good for more than looking for coupons and to see the latest episode of our favorite show, though.

Schools are taking advantage of the opportunity to convey the many ways students can utilize the internet to communicate. The State Department of Education recognizes that in the snap of a finger, students will be at an age where they use the internet more for business than fun and have thus created standards to promote communication skills for 21st-century students. is building resources to help you make your students more comfortable with infusing technology and communication. Take some time to look through these lessons to inspire new ideas to promote meaningful communication through presentations, dance, and working together in groups.