“May – be” you need renewal credit by June 30 (or later)

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ETV Teacher Recertification offers South Carolina teachers a variety of online, self-paced, 20 renewal credit courses for $75 each and all are approved by the SC Department of Education. 

This month – May – may be the time to start earning your recertification credit in an easily manageable, affordable way!

 The upcoming Spring II session will provide renewal credit by June 30, the SC Department of Education renewal cycle deadline. Registration for Spring II opens May 1 …  OR … if you don’t need credit by the June 30 SDE renewal cycle deadline, then enroll for the Summer session! See dates & free offer below.


SPRING II – Start work May 10 /Complete work by June 15      (Registration open May 1 thru May 24)

SUMMER – Start work July 1  / Complete work by August 16   (Registration open June 1 thru July 19)

  • Approved for 20 renewal credits each by SC Department of Education (NO graduate credit)
  • Facilitated online; self-paced (work from anywhere 24/7)
  • ELA, Science, Social Studies, The Arts, Career Ed, Natural History, PBL & more!
  • $75 per course; register/pay online (credit card or send check)


FREE Offer: 

First 20 to register/pay for PBL OR Between the Waters (BTW) course may select ONE other

course to take FREE in this session. 


to get offer:

Register/pay for ONE of 3 courses (PBL, BTW I or II), then

email that course title + course want free + your name, school/district: bjamison@scetv.org


Popular courses – offered in both sessions, 20 renewal credits each:


  • Project-Based Learning: Engaging the 21st Century Learner, Part I  (20 renewal credits)

    PBL is a teaching strategy wherein students learn by actively engaging in meaningful projects with real-world applicability. This course guides participants through the development and implementation of PBL lessons as we take an in-depth look at the four core benefits of PBL, including student-centered learning, a sense of relevancy for students, the role of teacher as facilitator and inspiring life-long learning for students. Participants gain understanding of the differences between project based learning and conventional teaching methods, and will design collaborative learning activities that support student learning in the project-based learning process.

  • Women Vision SC: Changes, Careers & Leadership, Series I and II  (20 renewal credits each)

    The 19th Amendment granted women the long-awaited right to vote in 1919. These two courses relate the history and feature SC women who have made an impact on our state and nation, providing inspiring career and life-lesson advice for students. Educators in all subject areas (especially social studies, career education, guidance) and all grade levels found the first WVSC Series I eye opening, valuable and worth their time! The NEW Series II course continues our look at ETV’s Women Vision SC (2020 honorees), SC Hall of Fame, new Sisterhood: SC Suffragists programs + more. (It is NOT required that Series I be taken before Series II, but is recommended.)

  • Natural History in North America & Beyond, Series I, II, III & IV   (20 renewal credits each)

    In these courses with renowned Naturalist Rudy Mancke, host of ETV/PBS NatureScene for 25 years, participants learn about the biodiversity of the area, looking at the distinctive geography and the great variety of plant and animal life forms along with their remarkable habitats to understand how they are connected. Award-winning NatureScene programs produced on location provide a rich, up-close experience with unprecedented access. Series I and Series II highlight regions in USA – the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest. Series III focuses on regions in SC only. Series IV features areas in USA + some in Canada, Russia, Costa Rica. (Take any of these courses in any order. Good for teachers of all grades/all subjects … it’s fun to learn with Rudy!)

  • Between the Waters: History Across the Curriculum at Hobcaw Barony, Series I and II* (20 renewal credits each)

These two innovative courses provide engaging ways to integrate history using SCETV’s immersive website Between the Waters. Series I walks through the site, guiding an exploration of Hobcaw Barony’s history from Native American life through Reconstruction and both World Wars by examining focus sites on topics including food, sports, architecture, art, and nature. Series II continues the exploration of history/natural history of this Georgetown treasure, examining other focus sites with a concentration on African-American life in the low country area of our state. MUST complete BTW, Series I course prior to taking Series II. You may sign up for BOTH courses in a session, but complete Series I first!  (Recommended for teachers of grades 3-12, all subjects)  


Other popular courses - offered in both sessions, 20 renewal credits each … see website for descriptions:

  • Teaching and Learning in Carolina Classrooms, Series I & II (like SC Teachers on Teaching, recent TOTYs)
  • Connecting with Literacy Through Storytelling (loved by media specialists & regular classroom teachers)
  • Career Education for Student Success and The Arts and Career Connections (good info for all teachers)
  • A Literary Tour of SC, Series I, II & III (useful tips on writing process from SC-connected authors)
  • Making Connections with Natural History Featuring Rudy Mancke, Series I & II (learning thru nature)
  • Take on the South with Dr. Walter Edgar (debates on key issues, incl. Southern lit, music & foods!)
  • SC Chronicles, Series I thru VII (with Dr. Edgar, walks thru SC history, discussions on people & places)  


    REGISTER for Spring II session May 1 through May 24: 

    Descriptions/register/pay: http://www.scetv.org/teacher-recertification

             (Registration for Summer session starts June 1 and runs through July 19)


       Questions/Help: sokonek@scetv.org /1-888-761-8132 /(local) 803-737-9915 or 737-3245