Hilton Head, tacos, and one inspiring story

Have you ever had corn tortillas from scratch? Well, I tried them for the first time last week.

Last Friday, I got the amazing opportunity to accompany the producer of Backroad Bites to interview a restaurant owner for an episode. We drove all the way down to beautiful Hilton Head and ended up in a cultural park. Around the park, various flags were hung, celebrating the different cultures that had frequently come together.

I got to work alongside the producer and understand how she conducts the video shoots and comes up with questions.

We interviewed the owner of Maiz Taqueria, a Mexican taco food truck that specializes in making their corn tortillas from scratch. The owner’s story of how and why he started his business, was truly inspiring and a reminder of why I want to go into the profession of news reporting; to hear the stories of people. I got the opportunity to ask the owner various questions about his business, learn more about his Mexican culture, and try incredibly delicious tacos. I have such a deep appreciation for those who are doing what they love, while proudly representing their culture.

One thing that truly stood out to me was the beautifully hand-painted taco truck and the story behind it. The owner had the truck hand-painted by a local artist to symbolize his home country and the significance behind the name of his business, Maiz Taqueria. It was clear that whoever hand-painted the entire bus, had truly put a lot of effort into creating this masterpiece, just as its owner had placed into his business.

As the producer gathered footage, I was even able to be a hand-model for a quick shot of the tacos. I am so excited to see this episode and hear the owner’s story, once again, and I will be on the lookout for his taco truck next time I'm in Hilton Head.