2020-21 Annual Educator Survey Prize Winners

envelope with the the words "And The Winners Are"

Thank you to all the participants in our 2020-21 PreK-12 Educator and PreK Surveys for taking the time to give us your feedback!

Participants who completed the surveys by April 30, 2021, were included in the drawings for the prizes below. 

Drumroll please….

1 grand-prize winner: iPad valued at $599
LaToya Johnson

PreK-12 survey:

  • 3 winners: ETV Teacher Recertification 20 renewal-credit online course, $75 value each

    Mary Simpson
    Monique Sprowl
    Dawn Frazier

  • 3 winners: ETV Swag Pack, $50 value each

    Deonca Robinson
    Chanda Robinson
    Maggiel Haggerty

PreK survey: 

  • 1 winner: PBS Tablet, valued at $80
    Urica Floyd
  • 3 Winners: ETV Swag Pack, $50 value each

    Diane Voss
    Yolanda Young
    Rose Beth Smith

April 15 Google Home drawing:
Cheryl Smith

Again, thank you to all of our survey participants!

We use your feedback to better serve you and the educational needs of your students/children. Past input has led to tailored training opportunities, new professional development courses, revised and new content resources, new services and more.

Stay tuned for more opportunities to share your thoughts.