In Times Like These

In Times Like These is a thought-provoking exhibit that showcases artworks created by 20 artists during the first few months of the pandemic. The exhibit is assembled by Greenville-based Hampton III Gallery, the venerable and longest running fine art gallery in South Carolina.

Sandra Rupp, the gallery owner, ventured into cyberspace to bring us a multiplatform exhibit. In addition to physically and digitally displaying the twenty sets of artworks in the gallery and online, Rupp presented the artists’ videos and written statements discussing their works on the gallery’s website. This unconventional and poly-dimensional outlet allows the artists to express their emotions, recollections and reflections in a comprehensive and profound manner. It also provides the viewing audience with multiple doorways to enter the artists’ worlds, to engage deeply and appreciate the artworks holistically. Rupp believes that in times like these, art plays an important role in providing solace, promoting connections between people, as well as provoking social changes.  

In Times Like These is permanently available online at