Scribble: Structural Dynamics to make our world safer

Many people have dreams of shaping the future, and for Dr. Juan Caicedo, those dreams are a reality. A professor and department chair of the University of South Carolina College of Engineering and Computing, Juan specializes in Structural Dynamics to make our world safer and more efficient. From floors that sense the vibrations of your footsteps to walls that stand strong against storms, he and his department utilize their one-of-a-kind equipment to run experiments and come up with new solutions to everyday problems. Juan moved to the United States from Columbia, South America to achieve his goals, proving to all the dreamers out there that nothing is impossible. 

In this interview, Juan talks about his roles and goals as a professor, and he dives into the different experiments going on in his department and how they can shape the world for the better. He also discusses how innovation can be fostered in schools, and the different ways he and his students and colleagues maintain that innovation throughout their education and careers.

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