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SC Teachers … earn your renewal credit around YOUR schedule in the comfort of YOUR own home with ETV Teacher Recertification!

Over 25 courses, including several NEW offerings – each approved by State Department of Education for 20 renewal credits, facilitated online/self-paced, $75 per course.


These sessions allow educators to learn and earn credit by the June 30th SDE renewal cycle deadline:

  • SPRING I   (Register now through April 6; session open now / session ends* May 4) 
  • SPRING II  (Register beginning May 1; session open for work May 11 / session ends* June 16)

(*end date of session is date that all work must be completed)


NEW courses with Naturalist Rudy Mancke

  • History in North America & Beyond, Series I and Series II – Register NOW for Spring I session

Both courses highlight the 4 regions of the U.S. as we learn about the biodiversity of each area, looking at the distinctive geography and the variety of plant and animal life forms along with their remarkable habitats to understand how they are connected. This study allows K-12 educators to integrate Natural History into their teaching, making connections students can relate to anywhere in the world. Award-winningNatureSceneprograms provide a rich, up-close experience with unprecedented access and exceptional photography. Naturalist Mancke conveys additional information in separate segments to extend, reinforce and connect.

  • History in North America & Beyond, Series III - Starts SPRING II session (registration opens May 1)

Series III highlights areas in South Carolina. Rudy again relates the biodiversity, looking at distinctive geography and the plant and animal life forms along with their remarkable habitats. This course follows the same format as Series I and Series II, using “NatureScene” programs plus special “Rudy” content segments.

Other popular courses (go to website for complete course descriptions)

  • Between the Waters: History Across the Curriculum at Hobcaw Barony, Series I & II (great reviews!) 
  • Teaching and Learning in Carolina Classrooms, Series I & II (like SC Teachers on Teaching, recent TOTYs)
  • Connecting with Literacy Through Storytelling (loved by media specialists & regular classroom teachers)
  • Career Education for Student Success and The Arts and Career Connections (good info for all teachers)
  • A Literary Tour of SC, Series I, II & III (useful tips on writing process from SC-connected authors)
  • Making Connections with Natural History Featuring Rudy Mancke, Series I & II (learning thru nature)
  • Take on the South with Dr. Walter Edgar (debates on key issues, incl. Southern lit, music & foods!)
  • SC Chronicles, Series I - VII (also with Dr. Edgar, walks thru SC history, discussions on people & places) 


ETV Teacher Recertification information

  • Over 25 courses for 20 renewal credits each offered; may enroll in up to 6 in a session
  • All approved by the SC Department of Education for renewal credit (NO graduate credit)
  • ELA, Science, Social Studies, The Arts, Career Ed + general education courses
  • Facilitated online and self-paced; work anytime 24/7; MUST complete by end date of session
  • Cost: $75 each (pay online by credit card or mail check)


Educator comments

“I loved this course! It was the best course I’ve taken in my teaching career … content relevant, structure clear and concise, work required appropriate, ability to work at my own pace.”  – Grete M., SC teacher

“This course enhanced my skills both pedagogically and with content.”  Amy L., SC teacher

 “The ETV Education Newsletter that is called the ed-news bulletin is exceptional as the resources and updates of current events and practices are all pertinent and valuable to all educators.”  - Katharine B., SC teacher

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