‘Mo’ movies in Monetta: Drive-in theater responds to Coronavirus

As the sun sets in the small town of Monetta, South Carolina, another type of light begins to glow. The Big Mo drive-in theater has been a hidden gem operating in this quaint town since 1951. In 1999, the drive-in was purchased by its current owner, Richard Boaz, who has spent time adding new screening fields and other amenities over the past 21 years.  

One of the businesses hit hardest from the Coronavirus has been the movie industry. Although a drive-in serves as a special way to social distance while enjoying a fun activity, precautions are still being implemented at The Big Mo to ensure that everyone stays safe while appreciating one of the few forms of outside entertainment available. Special events have taken over the usual Hollywood showtimes for now, but this is still a unique way to experience the silver screen while being cautious.