Due to COVID-19 concerns, Red Cross sees a significant drop in donations

Due to COVID-19 concerns, blood drive hosts (workplaces, schools, and churches) are being forced to close their doors. American Red Cross Communications Manager, Maya Franklin, explains that as a result of that, "We've seen a lot of blood drives cancel. Actually, thousands of blood drives across the country have canceled, resulting in nearly 170,000 blood donations going uncollected." This poses a concern for those who depend on blood donations for critical care. Franklin explains that those affected by this can be patients with "a chronic illness such as sickle cell, a mother who experiences complications during childbirth, a cancer patient who's fighting for their life and needs, or just someone who has an emergency." 

American Red Cross is taking extra measures to ensure the safety of blood donors with COVID-19 concerns. Franklin explains, "We are checking your temperature. If your temperature reads higher than 99.5, you are unable to donate." Extra sanitization procedures are in place, and donation beds are being distanced from each other.