DIY Science Experiments and More At-Home Activities

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Find Activities for Learning at Home with Full-Time Kid

Being home can be tough for students, but there are still plenty of ways to learn and grow outside of the classroom. Get creative with DIY science experiments, homemade bird feeder tutorials and tips on mastering card tricks.

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New Collection: Clifford the Big Red Dog

Explore new adventures through videos and use a set of flexible learning cards to support storytelling, imaginative play and social-emotional learning in your preschool classroom. The collection also features bilingual resources.

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Where Does All the Bailout and Stimulus Money Come From?

During the financial crisis, the federal government spent millions of dollars to help fix the economy. NewsHour economics correspondent Paul Solman explains where all that money actually comes from.

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Printables for Emergency Closures (PreK - K) - Now Available in Spanish!

Printables for Emergency Closures (G. 1 - 2) - Now Available in Spanish!


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For Elementary Educators: Teaching Informational Text with Molly of Denali
Join us to explore the world of Molly of Denali, a multi-layered show that blends the educational goals of informational text, cultural representation, social-emotional skills, and subject-related knowledge in science and social studies.

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For Middle and High School Teachers: American Portrait
From literature, to the engineering process, to media instruction and the arts, this series will help educators connect students to a wide tapestry of stories and personal narrative in hopes of answering the quintessential question: who are we?