Traveling All Over SC | ETV Endowment Intern RoseCatherine

Chasing the Moon

Week two of the Endowment Internship is now complete. The beginning of the week was busy. There were trips to Hartsville and Columbia before I got some time to work on stories in the office. 

Monday started with the hour-and-a-half drive to Hartsville for the first of five events in conjunction with the American Experience: Chasing the Moon documentary series. SCETV scheduled five events around the state where screeners from Chasing the Moon are combined with speakers in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of Apollo 11.

Monday kicked off these events at the S.C. Governor’s School for Science & Mathematics. We arrived a few hours before the event started to set up equipment and go over what footage would be needed. Francis Marion University Professor of Astronomy Dr. Jeannette Myers spoke about the multiple steps, missions, and sacrifices required to land on the moon, as well as her journey and fascination with space. Following, attendees viewed a one-hour segment of Chasing the Moon, which will air in three, two-hour segments Monday-Wednesday, July 8-10 on South Carolina ETV.

It was really cool to be able to go to the event and see what was going on, especially because last week I sat in on the planning meeting for the Museum of York County Chasing the Moon event. There were also SCETV representatives from Charleston who were preparing for their event, so I got to hear how all the regional stations were putting their own spin on the same basic event.

Wednesday I was able to begin working on a piece about the Chasing the Moon screening event in Hartsville, following Tuesday’s trip to Columbia for employee appreciation.

The week ended up being much busier than I originally anticipated. It was nice not being stuck in the office all week, and having the opportunity to participate in events and get into the field. Overall, this week I felt much more like I was a part of, and contributing, to the team.