Scared of online learning?

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Think you’ll be bored to death? Think again with PBS TeacherLine!

TeacherLine offers renewal and graduate credit online courses with rich media elements to make learning come alive! You'll also enjoy active engagement with your course peers and facilitator and appreciate assignments that relate directly to your curriculum and classroom activities.

So don’t be scared stiff; shake your bones and learn more about fall courses beginning October 9 and November 6, 2019.

Sample courses offered:

  • INST342   Teaching with Primary Sources from the Library of Congress
  • SCIE207   A Curiosity-Driven Approach to Teaching K-2 Science
  • TECH195   Graphic Organizers for 21st Century Learning
  • MATH270   Developing Algebraic Thinking in Grades 3-5
  • RDLA235   Teaching Lifelong Reading Habits
  • RDLA267   [Earns R2S credit] Teaching Phonics & Spelling for Beginning and Transitional Readers, 2nd Edition

“BEST training, hands-down! Well-paced and meaningful material with qualified leaders!”
- E. Ruopoli, Orange Grove Charter [completed RDLA267]

“I am getting ready to register for my 3rd TeacherLine class. I really like them a lot.  I would also add that the format is so easy to follow and the ability to get graduate credit... is perfect.“
- Brinkley Pound [completed MATH330, RDLA152]

“I enjoyed taking classes with PBS. The content was relevant and easy to comprehend... I enjoyed interacting with other students.”
- P. Rowell, Greenville, SC [completed RDLA272, SCIE607]

Expertly facilitated by instructors with years of experience and deep content knowledge, PBS TeacherLine courses are the perfect way to build your skills, enhance your knowledge and grow in your career.

New to TeacherLine? View our FAQs or call ETV at 800-277-0829.