Reconnecting Roots: Season 1 - Upcoming Episodes

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Imagine if Prairie Home Companion showed up on the set of Austin City Limits with Ken Burns and Bill Nye...that’s a little bit like Reconnecting Roots.

Reconnecting Roots, a half-hour series hosted by Gabriel McCauley, strives to bridge (reconnect) the generational gap by portraying American progress through music, culture, and history over the last 150 years while highlighting what values we may be losing as time goes on. Portraying American life across past generations, this series exhibits the American journey of unbounded progress with the hope of understanding how exactly we fit in and why. We’re reconnecting to our shared backstory to better understand where we’re going by way of conversations.

Episode Listing

101: “A Work in Progress”
America today is experiencing unparalleled abundance. How have we managed to advance at such a significant rate? Have we lost anything to the tides of progress? Join host Gabe McCauley as he sets out on a journey to answer these questions and more. 

102: “Seed to Supermarket”
Food in America is easy, you just put it in your shopping cart and pay. But it hasn’t always been this way. From sustenance farming to big business enterprises, we take a look at how farming has scaled to epic proportions while some have chosen to return to the land from whence we came. 

103: “Dashes to Dot Coms”
Thanks to your smart phone, mankind is more connected than ever before. However, we may be experiencing the beginning of a communication epidemic. We review our tech heritage from the first electronic dashes beyond the boom of the dot coms.

104: “National Parks: Progress & Preservation”
From purple mountain majesties to amber waves of grain, America has a wealth of natural treasures to behold. After a century of the National Park service, much of our lands have been preserved for countless generations to enjoy, but not without the mixed blessings of progress. 

105: “Horse Power”
This country was built on the shoulders of some of the hardest-working American immigrants--European bred draft horses. America’s working horses may have been out-paced by the greater horsepowers of today, but there are still a few careers with the job requirement of a strong back and 4 hooves.

106: “Chain of Events”
If there's a memory that most every American has in common, it's learning to ride a bike. In the last century, the bicycle has pedaled out of our memories and into the skies. See how the bicycle led to the automobile and to the airplane, while remaining a staple in the American garage.

107: “Education of a Nation"
From one room school houses with pencil & paper to campuses with smart-boards & tablets, education in this country has experienced a massive overhaul. Putting the education system to the test, we visit homeschool coops, modern one room schoolhouses, and a high school who might just understand the big picture.

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