PSA: Electric Lineman


William Ball

Line Technician, Duke Energy

William Madison Ball loves helping people. The main reason he became a line technician is that he can truly help people in their time of need. It brings him immense satisfaction when he can bring power back to hundreds of homes after a storm or in the middle of the night. In order to obtain specific training, William signed up for the Electric Lineman Technician Program at Horry Georgetown Technical College. After ten weeks of comprehensive training both inside the classroom and out in the field, William received his certificate and found a full-time job as a line technician at Duke Energy.

William loves his job, not only because it allows him to help people on a daily basis, but also it is a great-paying career. Proud of himself working at the electric utility industry, William encourages other young people who haven’t made decisions about their career paths to explore the opportunity of becoming line workers.