Pastor Nannie Jefferies | Women Vision SC

Pastor, Maranatha Free Church of Jesus Christ
Founder, Exec. Director, Angels Change Ministry

Pastor Nannie Jefferies would often visit the jails to encourage and pray for her church’s members and their children. She is the Pastor of Maranatha Free Church of Jesus Christ.  During her visits, she witnessed “a feeling of despair and a lack of hope” among the incarcerated women. Seeing this community need, Pastor Jefferies launched Angels Charge Ministry.  The program offers transitional housing, case management and advocacy to deter recidivism. She is working to teach women work and life skills. Supported by donations and volunteers, the first two houses opened in 2014 and a third was under renovation in 2018.  Pastor Jefferies is a life-long resident of Spartanburg, where she says, “we are a community offering a hand up not necessarily a hand out.” 

Her advice for young people:  “Read. I want children to read.  And to love reading and to explore reading.  And to travel in reading. I just think that reading broadens their horizons.”

About the Recipient

"I love the LORD," is Nannie Jefferies' mantra. Pastor Nannie Jefferies was born on November 21, 1953 to Marion and Willie Parham, Nannie a 1972 graduate of Spartanburg school district 7.  She received her BS in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of South Carolina Spartanburg and her Masters of Divinity in Pastoral Care and counseling, from Gardner Webb University, Christopher C. White School of divinity.  Nannie has served at the New Day Club House as a Case Manager, the Salvation Army Community Center as Executive Director, where the Spartanburg Fatherhood coalition was formally birthed. She also served as Director of the Spartanburg Regional History Museum and she is currently serving as

The Pastor of Maranatha Free Church of Jesus Christ, where the Angels Charge Ministry was birth here in Spartanburg. Pastor Nannie is the founder of Angels Charge Ministry and serves as the Executive Director. She was given the vision to help women that are incarcerated thus starting the Angels Charge Ministry. Under Pastoral Leadership we have established an after school program and summer camp program, a vision is to start an Adult Day care facility.

Nannie has been married to Donnie Jefferies for 45 years; together they have two children and two grandchildren. Being a life long resident of Spartanburg, I understand the cultures and the mechanisms that helps to turns the wheels in our community. We are a community of offering a hand up and not necessarily a hand out.

Pastor Jefferies has received many awards and recognition from her peers and associates but none are as valuable as having crowns to lie at the Masters feet when she sees His face!

About Women Vision SC

Women Vision SC is a program that focuses on issues affecting women throughout the state and the nation and a new generation of young people pursuing public service for their communities and the state at large. The program is produced and hosted by former SCETV president Linda O’Bryon.