New Faces and Vibrant Places

SCETV Studio in Columbia, SC


Interning in the Education Division of SCETV (Columbia) has vastly expanded my world, and in the process, has given me a new perspective on the interconnections between education and media.  

My first day of interning in the Education Division was one of exploration. Ken DeBerry (Director for Education Productions) took me on a tour throughout the facility, where I did everything from meeting members of the Content Division to peering through the dark windows of studios. I returned from that tour having met a vast majority of the SCETV faculty and having learned their specialties. With great excitement, I got to lay eyes on the operating sites that produced the televised content I have watched regularly.

The events of that first day and beyond have included attending an Education Division meeting, learning how to create social media posts through Canva, shadowing Karen Hermann (Multimedia Producer), and helping prepare video content for Carolina Classrooms. I am particularly fascinated by the topics featured on this show. As a recent college graduate with interests in public awareness and teaching, I am invested in furthering my own knowledge in these areas. While in the past, the show has focused on teaching at the K-12 level and on the financial concerns of college, the joy of my post-secondary education experience makes me hope for a feature on different college divisions and departments, and on the day-to-day experiences of professors.

The three weeks that I have been at SCETV have introduced me to a wealth of experts and have helped me to gain experience in areas that I knew little to nothing of, including: reading analytics for social media engagement and for YouTube content, composing advanced social media posts, and creating graphics. Developing my skills in these areas both have and will allow me to contribute more to the Education Division at SCETV. I cannot wait to see what the next weeks have in store!