My Last Week | Endowment Intern RoseCatherine

RoseCatherine at Critter Creek Farm's Goat Yoga

As my last week at ETV closes out, I'm sad to leave the experience behind, but excited to take my new skills with me into my last semester at the University of South Carolina. This summer has taught me so much. I've learned to work in different office environments and how to tell stories differently. I also learned new editing techniques. I feel prepared to finish up school and put my degree to good work.

My last week was spent hiding in my office, editing and re-editing, and editing some more. Seeing as I have spent 75% of my time editing, it felt fitting that I ended my internship watching the same five-minute clip 4,782 times.

I was so excited to have the opportunity to cover the Department of Juvenile Justice and get an inside look at their education system. Being able to meet with faculty and staff and share all the good things that are happening was eye-opening. Learning the different techniques teachers implement to bring their students up to grade level and seeing the newfound drive in students is something I know I could never convey thoroughly enough. I have never been as scared to produce a story as I was covering D.J.J, because there was so much I wanted to share. I hope that people can see the hope that I felt through my story. 

In addition to wrapping up my D.J.J. stories, I've been editing the interviews that we got from York County's Chasing the Moon event. Not being a science person, I'm amazed at how many different topics we were able to cover in our interviews. Not only did we discuss space exploration in terms of moon landings, and human space exploration, but we also touched on galaxy evolution, moon rocks, and meteorites.

Looking back on the summer, I'm so pleased with the opportunities to cover such a wide range of stories. I was able to contribute to the digital series, Made Here, and cover South Carolina small business. I also wrote a few pieces on local news. I covered a statewide event. I even got to create a video piece about D.J.J., which is not well-known.

For anyone thinking about interning at SCETV, may I first say: apply! You never know what's going to happen. Secondly: jump at every chance you get. I was not sure what to expect when I first started at SCETV. I have been able to pitch and work on stories that I was passionate about, while growing skills I came in with, and learning new ones. This has truly been an influential summer that has left me feeling more experienced than when I began.