Made Here | Sustainable Wall Decor

Wildly Urban is a company that creates hand-crafted air plant decor using reclaimed wood and salvaged leather. Owner Carrie Gordon discusses her passion for sustainability. She explains, "I came up with this idea after my husband started his business and we had a lot of leftover wood pieces laying around that he was either going to trash or burn. I thought it was such pretty wood that surely I can do something with it." She also talks about the uniqueness of air plants, saying, "Airplants are really special because Number 1, they don't require dirt. You can put them literally anywhere in your house. They get all of their nutrients from the air, so in the wild, they'll collect the humidity and the rain, but in the home, all they need is a quick little spray or a dunk in water every so often."

Made Here is a digital series that explores small businesses in South Carolina.