Made Here | Locally Grown Hemp

Charleston Hemp Company is a company that produces cannabidiol (CBD) products in Ridgevile, South Carolina. Charleston Hemp Company both grows and processes their hemp products. David Bulick, CEO of Charleston Hemp Company, explains that his first introduction to the hemp world was through a friend of his whose daughter has Epilepsy. She was having "four to six hundred seizures a day," but CBD "gave her phenomenal she's down to two to three a week." 

Bulick knows the importance of keeping things local. He says, "These types of facilities are very important to the state because we want to do it in-state. If it's grown here, it should be processed here, it should be manufactured here, keeping the revenue inside the state." He continues, "We're here to make South Carolina strong. It is strong - we're making it stronger." 

Made Here is a digital series that explores small businesses in South Carolina.