Letters About Literature Contest Deadline Jan. 10

Letters About Literature graphic displaying shelves of books


Have you ever read a story that changed your life? Reading helps us learn about the world around us and understand perspectives we may not have considered before. But who wrote the words you loved reading? This is an opportunity to write an author and explain how their writing impacted your world view.

Letters About Literature is a reading-writing contest that encourages students to write a personal letter to an author, living or dead, from any genre, explaining how that author’s work changed your way of thinking about the world or yourself.

In South Carolina, there are three competition levels with three winners at each level: Level I for children in grades 4-6; Level II for grades 7 & 8; and Level III, grades 9–12.

For each level, first place winners receive $100, second place winners receive $50, and third place winners receive $25, courtesy of the South Carolina State Library Foundation.

DETAILS CAN BE FOUND AT readsc.org/letters-about-literature

All entries must be submitted by January 10, 2020.

For questions regarding Letters About Literature, please contact Andersen Cook at 803-545-4432 at acook@statelibrary.sc.gov.