Innovation in Pharmacy School Transforming Rural Care

Tyler McGee and Ryan Rosenblatt are working toward their doctor of pharmacy degree at the Medical University of South Carolina. As part of their four-year plan, they have to go to clinics to treat patients. This is done with the supervision and guidance of a preceptor: an experienced pharmacist who serves as a mentor and helps the students make the right judgment calls for patients.

At MUSC, Dr. James Sterrett's pharmacy students can go to clinics throughout the Lowcountry and still connect to him as a preceptor through telehealth. MUSC partnered with Fetter Healthcare Network, a group of clinics throughout the Lowcountry, to place pharmacy students and telehealth equipment in clinics so more students can get experience without the loss of a preceptor. Students use a cart with a monitor and camera to call Dr. Sterrett from clinics.

"It's super empowering," Rosenblatt said. "It's really nice to know that if I do get stumped, or I run into a patient who really needs to have the professional touch, he's there."