Hot Days and Sweet Filming | Endowment Intern Laura-Ellen

Murphey and I at the Endowment Luncheon

Week six has been jam-packed! 

On Monday, we had the Endowment Intern Luncheon where each intern presented what we’ve been working on this summer. That was fun because I got to meet the interns that aren't in Columbia and see a snippet of what they've created. After the luncheon, I started working on the yearly intern video with Murphey White, the other intern who is also a film major. All week we’ve been filming interviews of our fellow interns discussing their favorite memories and advice for future interns. Since not all of the interns are in Columbia we traveled to the regional SCETV station in Rock Hill to film RoseCatherine’s interview. RoseCatherine and her supervisor kindly took us on a tour of the station before the interview. 

In addition to the intern video, we’ve been making progress on our web series. This past Tuesday, my team and I filmed the 5th episode out of a total of 10 episodes. It’s hard to believe we’re halfway through the series! For this episode, we drove two and a half hours, sweated a lot, and left tired but happy. We were featuring a restaurant near the water, which was beautiful and provided a nice breeze when filming the shrimp boats. 

The best part of the day, other than the delicious hoagie I ate (Hint: the word Hoagies is in the restaurant's name) was seeing the finishing touches being put on a magnificent fish cake. I knew the baker was incredible before arriving but this cake looked like a fish statue rather than a cake. Since it was in a small village, every guest was greeted warmly by name when they entered the store. 

An important lesson I learned throughout filming each project is to get more footage than you need. This is something I'm striving for each time we film. However, sometimes scheduling or the weather gets in the way. This is when you must decide to keep what you have or go in another direction or possibly do both. In the most recent case, I've done both. This is really where creativity kicks in. If you have an idea you believe in, don’t be afraid to suggest it more than once! Sometimes people need to mull things over before they decide something, like when you buy a house or a car. Often, ideas need this same gestation period before they are accepted and formulated into plans. So, don’t be afraid to share your ideas, even if it involves waiting and sharing them again later! Perseverance is key.