ETV FREE Technology Training for Summer - Schedule NOW!

Teachers seated around table using laptops and tablets


ETV Education provides engaging, innovative technology training at no cost to your school or district!

Now is the time to schedule one or more days this summer with an ETV Instructional Technology Specialist. Choose from seven full-day classes on a variety of technology topics and schedule one or more days for our trainers to come to your school or district!

  • Your location needs to have internet access for participants and the instructor, and access to a projector.    
  • Participants required to provide their own devices (ETV will have a few iPads and Chromebooks for use on a first come, first served basis).  
  • Full-day classes held 8:30 am to 3:30 pm (can alter as needed) with hour lunch break (on your own).
  • ETV requires a minimum of 8 teachers registered for the class. Maximum number is dependent on room size.  
  • ETV will provide a link to registration via a Google form.  
  • ETV will provide each participant with a certificate of completion that can be submitted to district renewal coordinator.

Request a date or for more information: Debbie Jarrett at or Brian Day at


LIST of Full-day Classes to choose from:


Instructional Videos

Video plays an important role in delivering instruction to 21st Century Learners.  Spend the day with ETV and discover sites to use for already-made instructional videos and how to easily create their own videos.  Teachers will explore all of the resources provided by ETV (PBS Learning Media, and Learning Why) as well as other free sites on the web (Khan Academy, Virtual Nerd, Science 360, and more).  Teachers will learn how to easily create instructional videos with their phones or other mobile devices and some creative ways to share them with their students and parents.  

Assessment Tools

There are many types of assessment tools available to teachers on the web.  Spend the day with ETV evaluating and learning about many of the free assessment tools available to them.  Most teachers have “played” or used Kahoot.  There are lots of other tools out there:  Quizizz, Plickers, Quizlet, Google Forms, and more.  Teachers will set up accounts for each webtool covered and spend time learning how to use each site.


Has your school “gone Google” and you feel left behind?  Spend a day with ETV and we will help you be able to keep up.  We will cover Classrooms, sharing, Google Forms, apps, extensions and add-ons. We can customize these sessions based on different levels. (Instructor will need a temporary Google account for the hosting district to allow the class to communicate via Google Classrooms.)

iPads in the Classroom

Whether each student has their own iPad or there is only one available in the classroom, there are lots of free apps the teacher and the students can use to create multimedia projects.  Teachers will have hands-on experience with many free iPad apps such as Tellagami, Sock Puppets, Shadow Puppets EDU, Photo Speak and many more.  We will also explore iMovie as a way to edit video.

Webtools for Teachers

There are thousands of free webtools on the internet for teachers to use in their classroom.  Based on the participating teacher’s grade levels and subjects, they will have an opportunity to create accounts and explore the sites and discuss ways to incorporate the webtools into their curriculum.

Blended Learning

As classrooms move to a 1:1 environment, it changes the way instruction is delivered.  Spend the day with ETV learning about free tools available for teachers to use whether they are 1:1 already or are moving in that direction.  We will explore tools for assessment, flipping the classroom, and communicating with students and parents.  (This session incorporates a little of each of the other sessions listed. Those wishing to attend/provide multiple days of sessions, there will be some overlap with the other sessions listed.)