EOC: Is full-day 4K making a difference in readiness?

SC Education Oversight Committee

The General Assembly funds full-day, four-year-old kindergarten (4K). Children who are in poverty and who reside in school districts with the highest poverty rates in our state are eligible to attend a 4K program in a public school or participating private child care center at no cost. In school year 2019-20, the program will serve children living in 62 of the 79 traditional school districts.

The Fall 2018 KRA results were analyzed, and the results document the impact that the full-day 4K program is making for these children:

  • Children who were enrolled in a full-day 4K program in public schools performed at similar levels to all other students in the state. Approximately 35% of these children were ready for kindergarten as compared to 37% of all other children entering kindergarten.
  • Furthermore, children who were enrolled in the state-funded, full-day 4K program outperformed other children in poverty who had not participated in the state-funded full-day 4K program. The difference in children’s Language and Literacy readiness is significant.

Click here to read the EOC's brief on the Fall 2018 administration of the KRA.

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