The Dog Days of Summer | Endowment Intern Sean

The empty hallway at SCETV

We've officially hit a lull in the summer, thanks to the Fourth of July. For a lot of people at the office, that meant an extended vacation, so the building was a lot more empty this week (especially today - Friday, where there are maybe 3 people I've seen in total). However, I was still here, aside from the mandatory (and well-needed) holiday for July 4th. Aimee and Gavin told me to take a day off this week like everyone else, especially since I still have a comp day from working the convention. However, I have plans to use that day in a couple weeks to visit a friend in North Carolina, so that meant showing up to an empty building. It was not a completely unproductive week though, as I spent most of the week compiling research on the aerospace industry in South Carolina for next week's final summer episode of This Week in South Carolina. It took a while to find relevant info, but once I did, I found some interesting statistics and stories, so stay on the lookout for that episode, which will be posted on YouTube and on the South Carolina ETV website (with a writeup from yours truly!)

The week did start out with a busy rush however, as I had to type up the "quorum call" for the SC Lede podcast and write up a summary of last week's episode of This Week in South Carolina, all by lunch time. But after Monday, things really slowed down as the office emptied out for the holiday. If it doesn't seem like a whole lot happened here this week (especially compared to the past few weeks), well you are right, which is why this is a pretty short blog. A much lighter week here in the middle of the hottest part of the summer, but I did enjoy the more relaxing week. However, I'm definitely ready to get back to work next week and for the last month of my internship.