Beyond Barbados: The Barbados Adventures, Part 3


With the success of the sugarcane crop, Barbados quickly became the wealthiest colony in the New World, and the most densely populated place on the planet. Successful colonists lived lavish lifestyles, however, it came at a price: the island experienced total deforestation after twenty five years of settlement, causing an ecological disaster of massive proportions. Barbados experienced overcrowding and severe supply shortages.

Several prominent colonists, with names like Cooper, Drayton, Middleton, and Colleton, organized and financed an exploratory endeavor known as the Barbados Adventurers. These colonists ultimately settled in what is now the Charleston area, establishing the colony "Carolina." Land grants in Carolina caused a surge of migrants, and these colonists came to Carolina with one goal in mind: to get rich. The institution of savery also made its way from Barbados to Carolina.