Aerospace Curriculums Fly Into High School Classrooms!

Aerospace vocational training classes are being offered to South Carolina high school students.


Aerospace education has made its way to high school classrooms! Through aerospace engineering classes, high school students now have access to learn more about the multidisciplinary industry that is changing the world as we know it. The classes are structured to appeal to students who are curious about the flight and design of spacecraft and aircraft vehicles. The curriculum is comprised of four key courses: aeronautics engineering application, astronautics engineering applications, advanced aerospace technology, and fundamentals of aerospace technology.  

The Southern Regional Education Board developed this curriculum to prepare students for post-secondary and global workforce success. They aim to sharpen the student’s skills by giving them hands-on experience through advanced technology, problem solving scenarios, and challenging project work. Students will also utilize tools like LabView, Excel, and sensing systems to analyze and collect data. 

Once the students complete their time in the program, they may become a Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer and should be able to earn other relevant industry certifications.