Winthrop Student Creates Hip Hop Foundation in Honor of Her Father

Lover of Hip Hop, Alisha Sweatt, uses her personal experiences to make new connections within herself and with others.  

Sweatt developed a strong, deep passion for Hip Hop when her father, DJ and producer, passed away in 2005 at a young age. To cope with his death, she made a connection with him by listening to Hip Hop. 

“I just looked at Hip Hop to help me through it,” she said. “So, that’s where it really turned into a real passion.”

To express herself and her passion for Hip Hop, Sweatt started a foundation called Hip Hop Makes Me Feel. Through her foundation, Sweatt hosts programs on various college campuses that focus on educating others about the culture of Hip Hop and what it stands for. 

“My purpose for Hip Hop Makes Me Feel was to educate people about Hip Hop and to make sure I put Hip Hop in a positive light and that’s still the purpose,” the Mass Communication major at Winthrop University said. “I think people misrepresent Hip Hop, so I want people to know what Hip Hop is and what it stands for. So, they have a better understanding of it.”

Sweatt, too, faces challenges while on her Hip Hop journey, but knowing she inspires others makes it all worthwhile. 

“Alisha works hard, she wants to see everyone succeed!” Kayla Cook, Winthrop senior said. “She is one of the most motivated people I know here at Winthrop.”

The 22-year-old said she doesn’t know what the future of Hip Hop Makes Me Feel holds, but she does know she wants to remain authentic through all it will bring. 

“I’m literally doing what I love to do,” she said. “The money may come, and it may may blow up and it may crash, but I just have to make sure that I stay authentic and keep the passion and that’s all that matters.”