Thanks for the Feedback: Endowment Intern Shannon

Shannon on Camera 3 for the Town Hall meeting

I’ve enjoyed the genuine feedback and critiques I get from my supervisors here at SCETV. A lot of times, after I’ve been working on a video or a written piece for so long, I may get stuck and miss opportunities to create a strong piece. Thanks to some good critiques, I was able to improve the Old Town Farmers Market video one last time before it was published this week. I went through and added music to the video, which made a huge difference in the entire mood of the story. Asking for feedback is something that I rarely do, but I know now that I will definitely get others to look at my work before I publish it, so I can get a different perspective. 

The highlight of my week was helping with SCETV’s production of a town hall meeting. Congressman Ralph Norman, along with other community leaders, came to the Rock Hill studio and held a live panel discussion, broadcast from their Facebook page. During the broadcast, the panel discussed school safety. Viewers were able to call in and directly ask each of the panelist questions during the show. My role during the broadcast was to operate Camera Three, which was pretty fun to do. School safety is a hot topic, especially with classes starting soon, so it is important for these matters to be discussed. Also, apparently the broadcast had a lot of viewers, so I thought it was cool to be a part of the team that made it all happen.

Week nine of my summer internship is done, which means that next week will be the end of my time working here at SCETV. I have one more story that I am working my hardest to complete, and it will discuss first-generation college students. It has presented a challenge for me. Now that I have all of my interviews transcribed, the piece is moving in a different direction from expected. No matter what, I’ll continue to dig, over the next few days, and I'll do a little more research on this story because I think shedding light on this topic is relevant and important.