South Carolina Flag Not Official

Most South Carolinians find unique points of pride within their state—sweet tea, coastal wildlife, and shag-dancing are staples of its culture. Additionally, many South Carolina residents are particularly proud of a famed symbol: its flag. A white crescent rests in suspension to the upper left of a palm tree, against a navy blue background. Numerous forums and polls have voted it one of the prettiest state flags in the country (if not the prettiest), and it is printed on everything from koozies to cuff links. However, the design is not official.

Scott Malyerck, a political consultant from Newberry, noticed a lack of consistency in the flag when passing the State House. The flag had been changed, and its tree was designed differently than the one Malyerck was used to seeing on top of the iconic building. Soon, he was seeing slight variations everywhere. He came to realize that there were four major designs circulating throughout South Carolina. He would later learn that the reason behind the variations is that the law does not specify placement, design, or size of the symbols. As a result, competing manufacturers produce flags with different designs; when Malyerck noticed a change in the State House flag, it was because a new company had taken over the production of state flags.

Malyerck created a Facebook page, Pickscflag, urging others to seek consistency. He expresses a desire for uniformity, out of respect for the flag and its symbolism. He has stated that South Carolina should control the design of its symbols, not the manufacturers. On January 24, 2018, Malyerck appeared before a Senate Panel to effect change on a larger level. Carrying a poster donning four examples of flag variations, he explained the lack of formality surrounding the design.

Due to his efforts, “State flag” Bill S.599 has been passed to the Senate. If approved, a committee would assemble to settle on an official design by 2019. Currently, there is not an official flag design.