Sharing Our Stories| Endowment Intern Rebecca

Rebecca and Jenna interviewing Shannon

While normally I work on sharing the stories of people around the state of South Carolina, this week, I've been working on stories that come from within the walls of ETV. On Monday, we went up to the ETV Carolinas office in Rock Hill to finish up the intern interviews. The following day, we had the Endowment intern luncheon, here in Columbia, where each intern gave a short presentation about what we had been working on throughout our time with ETV. It was nice to talk with the other interns and learn about what they had been up to. I thought it was interesting to see what parts of the internship everyone enjoyed most, and to see how all of our presentations differed. I also liked hearing the supervisors describe their time with their interns. As an intern, it is easy to forget that our supervisors are affected by the time we spend with them, as well. It was a nice event for all of us to attend together. Now that I have finished interviewing all of this year’s Endowment interns, I feel even more grateful to be among these wonderful students. I loved listening to everyone talk about why they wanted to be an intern here and how they think it has affected them. Everyone genuinely seemed excited to talk about the projects they had been working on. By hearing what everyone had to say and actually doing an interview myself, it has allowed me to reflect on everything that I’ve been a part of, during my time here. I cannot believe how much I have been able to do in just two months! I still have two weeks left and I plan to squeeze in a few more projects in that short time, as well.

My favorite part of week 8 was being in front of the camera, instead of behind it. Normally, this is something that I would never say, but I surprisingly enjoyed being on camera to share my internship experience. I loved talking about my projects and reflecting on all of the fun that I have had this summer. It was a great way for me to think about the questions that I usually ask in interviews and to realize how I can make them better in the future. Although my time on camera was not as bad as I thought it would be, I think I’ll keep my day internship for now.