Sharing More and More | Endowment Intern Shannon

Vernon Grant Gallery

 We started this week by discussing one of my favorite topics, social media. I got the chance to attend a digital luncheon in Columbia where we learned about different approaches to increasing online engagement. I thought it was super interesting to hear a large platform like SCETV talk about their social media techniques. As a content creator myself, I’m always trying different ways to increase my audience. I’ll definitely take some of the ideas discussed and use them more often when creating digital content. 

One major highlight this week was publishing the Juneteenth Rock Hill story.  Just like we planned, the story was posted on June 19th to recognize the holiday. I was excited to share the story on all of my social media platforms because I was proud of what I accomplished. Even though it can be tedious and time consuming, video editing is my favorite part of this job. Through completing the Juneteenth Rock Hill video, I was able to learn even more video editing tricks that I can use in the future.  

Next, I was able to work on a blog post that includes a photo slideshow. “Vernon Grant: An Illustrious Career” is an exhibit that I wanted to cover for the blog. Vernon Grant was a well-known illustrator that made a huge impact on the Rock Hill community.  So Kaitlyn, my internship supervisor and SCETV producer, and I interviewed Jillian Matthews, who is the director of Museum Collections for the Culture and Heritage Museums. Jillian shared great information about the life of Vernon Grant and the Exhibit that is currently on display at the Rock Hill Chamber of Commerce. I think the Vernon Grant exhibit blog post turned out well because I was able to pull information, which you can’t find online, from the interview.

I’m happy that I was able to combine my love for the arts and blogging in my work this week. My third week was full of learning experiences large and small. Plus, I’ve been enjoying sharing new content online for everyone to see of course. I hope to continue this momentum throughout the remainder of my time here at SCETV.