Practice Makes Perfect | Endowment Intern Rebecca

Landsford Canal State Park

This week was filled with more exciting projects! Monday and Tuesday I had the opportunity to help with a live event. We produced a live Facebook stream following the second round of gubernatorial debates.  It was really exciting being part of a live event that we could see people watching in real time. We all enjoyed bringing people in to discuss important events in our state. I hope we get to do a few more live events before the summer is over, there really is a lot of excitement when we’re live. I also got to visit another quirky South Carolina attraction this week. Tuesday we traveled to Bowman, SC to visit the UFO Welcome Center. We met the creator of the center, Jody who was very amusing. He was more than willing to help us out with an interview. Friday we headed to Catawba for a story set in Landsford Canal State Park. Not only did I get to film interviews but I also got to spend some time enjoying nature. On our way back we spontaneously stopped in Ridgeway to do some scouting. We ran into some great people that helped us easily set up an exciting shoot for next week. As we were filming this week I was trying to remember the style of shots that I have liked best when editing for other projects. I am thoroughly enjoying traveling around South Carolina this summer but I’m also really focusing on becoming a better filmmaker. My goal is to show some noticeable improvement on each project that I work on. I am sure that with the help of my supervisor, Tabitha and the rest of my new ETV friends, I can greatly build my content creation skills by the end of the summer.

Favorite part of week 4: Going on a little field trip down to the ETV basement. A group of us took a quick break and visited the basement, which I had no idea existed before this week. It was really interesting walking around and seeing all of the old equipment that is no longer used. There are some interesting things down there that gave me a glimpse into what it would have been like to work for a media company like ETV in the past. I really had a great time exploring, however there were a few pranksters who jumped out and scared us interns during the trip. As far as retaliation goes, plans may or may not be in motion…shhh.