Penultimate | Endowment Intern Rebecca


This week has been another busy one. As next week is my 10th and final week here at ETV, I have been working to make sure I get as many projects done as I can. I have been editing away and hope to get a few more stories out before I leave. I cannot believe how many videos I have been able to create in just 10 weeks! I feel so much more comfortable completing a project from start to finish because of all of the practice I have had this summer. On Thursday, I even went on my very first unsupervised shoot!

Jenna, my fellow Columbia intern, and I travelled up to Walhalla for the next episode of the Our Town series! I think it was such a valuable experience to have.  We had a great time completing a shoot by ourselves and getting a glimpse of what being a professional in this industry might look like. I still am so grateful that part of my job is traveling around the state and talking to people about how much they love South Carolina. It really is such a fun project to work on. While we were in Walhalla, Dan, a resident there, was nice enough to give us a tour of the town and show us some beautiful tourist spots. It was clear that the locals were so passionate about their town and happy to share it with us. The shoot was bittersweet though, because it was my last time filming an episode of Our Town. If that is any sign, I think this next week will be full of bittersweet moments.

My favorite part of week 9 was finishing up the intern video. While creating the intern video, I incorporated a new software that I had never used before. It took me a little longer than usual to finish up the video because of this, but in the end, I was really proud of how it turned out. It was fun to work on a project that I was so familiar with. The video was about something that I had actually experienced, so I was able to convey the entire experience easily because I  knew what it was like. From the interviews to the editing, I think this project was my favorite one to complete. I was happy to share the video with the other interns here and see their reactions to it. I think it’s safe to say that we all had a great time creating it. I only have a few more days here at ETV and I plan to soak up everything I can. I’m sure my last week with ETV will be just as busy as the rest of them have been, unless…

No, there is no unless, but penultimate episodes usually set up big cliffhangers, right?