Heart Failure Patient Monitors Vital Signs at Home with Telehealth

Wilma Goodwin has lived in Chapin for more than 50 years. She loves it because it’s quiet and close to her children and grandchildren. But it’s a long drive for her to get to her doctors’ appointments, which became more common after she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in January.

Doctors say it’s critical for people with heart failure to monitor their weight and blood pressure because fluid can quickly build up in their lungs and around their heart. Palmetto Health’s remote tele-monitoring program allows Goodwin to check her vital signs with equipment in her home, and send the results back electronically to a home health team that can monitor her results and intervene when necessary.

“It’s a comfort to me to know that I’m being monitored and if something changes, then something can be done pretty quickly,” Goodwin said.

Goodwin says since she’s started using tele-monitoring equipment, she’s made less trips to the hospital and the heart failure clinic.