Finding Balance and Filming Fruit | Endowment Intern Shannon Simmons

Old Town Farmers Market

If I could use one word to describe this week,I would say balanced.  Week 7 of my SCETV internship has been all about balancing my time between the multiple projects I’m working on. Currently, I’m working toward completing a project about the Old Town Farmers Market here in Rock Hill.  Also, I’m finally getting the pieces together for the first generation college student piece. 

I started the week by attending another Digital Luncheon in Columbia, S.C. where we talked about virtual reality (VR). I found the presentations at the luncheon interesting because they illustrated ways we can combine VR with our photo and video content. The VR discussions at the luncheon showed me different ways that I can experiment with VR within my own work in the future.

Back at the office, I began writing a script for the farmers market piece. With the help of my intern advisor and SCETV producer Kaitlyn, I was able to come up with a strong flow for the story.  

Next, I had to switch over and work on the first generation college student project because I had a scheduled interview with York Technical College student Steven Morales. The interview went smoothly. I was surprised to see that all of the answers I received were different than I expected. I have another student interview scheduled, so I’m interested to see what direction this story will take.

Finally, I had to switch gears again and think about the farmers market piece. I actually got up early on Saturday to attend the morning market. I needed more video footage of the market, so this was the perfect event to attend. I was able to get some fun shots of the fruits, vegetables, farmers, and visitors. I even experimented with a few different camera angles that I can’t wait to include in this project.  

This week has taught me the importance of finding balance between all of my work assignments. I balanced my time between two video projects all week, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they turn out.