ETV Endowment Meet & Greet with New SCETV President & CEO Anthony Padgett

Mr. Padgett addressing the crowd.

The room was full—with more than 65 local residents—as SCETV’s new President and CEO, Anthony Padgett, took the stage at the ETV Endowment Meet & Greet this past Monday at the Family Trust Federal Credit Union in Rock Hill, S.C. Hosted by Dick McCoy, David Vipperman, Gary Williams, and the Family Trust, the event was held to introduce Mr. Padgett to the community. This event was one of several planned across the state to introduce Mr. Padgett to the many diverse regions and communities of South Carolina.

Mr. Padgett addressed the crowd by sharing SCETV’s mission and commitment to education, discussing the many unseen services ETV provides to the citizens, teachers, and students in South Carolina.  

News Reporter Indira Eskieva from CN2 interviewed Mr. Padgett after the event. Mr. Padgett said, "Our relevance and our value is positioned around understanding and serving the local communities. And each one of those communities has different needs. So for me, one of the important things is to learn and understand the needs of those communities, and then we can figure out the services that we need to provide or expand into those areas, in order to further that service."

The ETV Endowment is celebrating its 40th year in providing funds to support local and national programming that share South Carolina’s rich history, culture, and people.