Enjoying The Ride | Endowment Intern Rebecca

Moncks Corner

You guessed it; this week we did some more traveling. OnTuesday, we visited the H.L. Hunley Museum in North Charleston for a virtual reality shoot for the project Let's Go! I was excited to visit the submarine because I had been interested in its famous mystery ever since I read a book on it as part of a summer reading assignment for 6th grade. I even spotted the book in the museum gift shop! It was such an easy-going shoot that we all enjoyed being a part of. On the way back to the office, the rest of the ETV crew and I shared our theories about what really happened to the Hunley and its crew. It was just a nice day. On Wednesday, we were off to Moncks Corner to shoot the third episode of the Our Town series. This series has been such a fun project to work on. I love getting to visit so many areas and talking to locals about their community. People have been so nice and welcoming to us, and they even encourage us to come back and spend more time with everyone in town. I have found out about such wonderful little towns that I had never really noticed before. I hope the presentations of these towns will help them to stand out a little more and give everyone a hint of the fun that I have had while visiting them.

My favorite part of week 6 was Traveling to Moncks Corner. While I enjoyed visiting Moncks Corner I really enjoyed traveling there, with my supervisor Tabitha. Tabitha is really the BEST supervisor that I could have asked for this summer. It seems that we often find ourselves in a car together traveling from place to place, talking about life.  It's become so easy to discuss my goals with her and ask for advice about how to accomplish them. Our conversations usually end leaving me feeling very motivated and hopeful. If everyone could have someone like Tabitha to mentor them, we’d be set. Thanks for everything Tabitha! (Oh no, I still have a month left and I’m already getting all sentimental!)